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The Herceg Novi International Choir Festival aims to popularize choir music and authors of this genre by presenting choirs from the region and beyond, combining specific climates with different styles. Over the past 5 years, the festival has successfully performed performances by numerous renowned choirs from the country and the region, which was followed by numerous audiences eager for this format of artistic expression. The festival was quickly recognized by the active members and connoisseurs of the artistic music scene as a significant event on the cultural map of the region and the whole of Europe. The festival is based on the principles of socializing and choral singing, with the intention of bringing this type of music back and presenting it to young people today in a modern way, in order to feel the beauty of choral singing. The launch of the Festival should also serve as an impetus for choir singing in Montenegro not to be neglected, but to be nurtured and preserved, and to create new generations of choir singers and audiences. Since this is a unique manifestation of this type in our country, we strive to attract as many interested choirs and visitors as possible through its authenticity. The long-term vision of the Festival is to preserve tradition and quality, and to contribute to the creation of new cultural and educational choirs by sharing the experiences of established choirs and eminent jury members.

Herceg Novi is a city located at the very end of the Bay of Kotor. The look of the city, experts say, is the most sympathetic blend of Romanesque, Byzantine and Oriental style incorporated into the Mediterranean look of the city. Herceg Novi is today a city of flowers, a true open-air glass garden. Herceg Novi is a city that you can love. Many people consider it the most beautiful city on the Adriatic Sea and come back to it every year. And not just because of its architecture, warm sea or pleasant climate. There's something specific about it that doesn't make you forget it. Situated between the high mountain of Orjen and the entrance to the Bay of Kotor, this seaside town with its friendly locals warmly welcomes all the tourists who come here.

How to get to know Herceg Novi?

Maybe from the beautiful long Pet Danica promenade, which extends right by the sea and connects Igalo and Meljine. Full of flowers, palm trees, restaurants and cafes, the promenade overlooks the blue of the sea, boats and boats bathed in the sun, while the murmur of the waves and the smell of sea salt creates a striking impression of a pleasant Mediterranean climate. Some of the plants along the promenade are so rare that many biologists come to look at different types of palm trees, cacti, magnolia, eucalyptus and many more. The city port, Skver, could be said to be in the center of the promenade. Near Skver, the Forte Mare Fort stands proudly above the beach. This medieval fort was built by Bosnian King Tvrtko I in 1382, who is also the founder of the city. The influence of Bosnians, Venetians and Austrians colored her appearance, and is now considered one of the most important fortresses of Herceg Novi. In summer, Forte Mare also serves as a cinema. Enjoying summer screenings of movies outdoors, under the stars and the clear sky is a unique experience not to be missed. Another fortress that stands out for its sights is the Turkish fortress Kanli Kula. Bloody Tower, if translated from Turkish, its size and at an altitude of 85m above the sea, dominates the whole area. The most beautiful view of the city panorama, sunset or boats anchored in the harbor is provided by this fortification.

There are many beautiful beaches in Herceg Novi, some are private, some belong to hotels and many are open to all swimmers. It is worth mentioning the clear sea at the tunnels, the beach at Yachting, and for children the sandy beach in Igalo is ideal where the sea is extremely shallow and the sludge is healing and known for its spa effect.


How to get to Herceg Novi?

You can get to Herceg Novi:

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Distance Herceg Novi from European cities in km:

  • Belgrade - 537, Sarajevo - 241, Tirana - 264, Pristina - 425, Zagreb - 661, Skopje - 415, Ljubljana - Athens - 930, Vienna - 1013, Berlin - 1712, Bern - 1486, Brussels - 1923, Budapest - 999, Bucharest - 994, Istanbul - 1221, Copenhagen - 2112, London - 2263km,, Munich - 1122, Moscow - 2955k, Oslo - 2706, Prague - 1334, Rome - 689, Sofia - 762, Thessaloniki - 628, Stockholm - 2757, Warsaw - 1684.

By plane:

  • Tivat International Airport - 20 km away
    Airport Cilipi - Located in the Republic of Croatia about 30 km from Herceg Novi Podgorica Airport - 133 km.

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